This is Ebeye and soon to be my new home for the next year.  I will be leaving sometime in August and will post updates as things progress.  I’ve been learning bits and pieces of the history of these islands.  How small Ebeye seems in the middle of all that water…it’s only a quarter mile long or .14 square miles.  Yet there are over

Ebeye North

14,000 people on it, half of which are children.  The grandparents of these children were originally inhabitants of Eniwetok and Bikini islands farther north, but the U.S. military relocated them to the island of Ebeye.  The population has been increasing steadily until it is now more crowded than Manhattan per square mile.

From what I’ve gathered, it is a rapidly developing country (the R.M.I).  I have read blogs by people who lived on the islands for several years having left in the early 2000’s, and the technological advances are quite astounding; some of which include internet and cell phone service through Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority (NTA).  That may not seem like much but it takes a decent amount of money to get an infrastructure laid.  It won’t be long before other modern day conveniences are served up for the Marshallese to enjoy, and this is a good thing.

But what does God have in mind?  He hasn’t forgotten about the people.  What are they asking Him for?  I should like to know.


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