I’ve been making a list of all the things I have to get done before I leave.  Next week I’ve got to get my passport and get fitted for more contacts.  I’m going to the dentist too…I’ve had the same dentist my whole life so I won’t be too happy if I have to go to another one.  That’s just me.  Wash my car, take pictures of my car so I can sell my car (which will happen immediately).  Then when Amy, Dana and Belinda return home, I can get my list of things to buy, not the least of which would be sunblock and flip-flops.

I keep a list with me wherever I am so that when a question arises or I think of something I will need to take/buy/or do before I leave, I can write it down.  Otherwise these things sneak up on me at the last minute.  ‘Always be prepared’ my cousin told me once.  And she knows how to do ‘prepared’.  I went to visit her in Boston and one hot summer day we decided to take a whale tour cruise.  She had a backpack she kept stuffing with all kinds of things.  I was thinking, how much more can fit in there?  Mosquito spray (gotcha!) sun block, hair brush, food, clothes, umbrella;  and then she threw in a big sweat shirt.  I asked her what that was for and she directly said, ‘always be prepared’.

By the time we made it to the boat dock I was sweating.  We met one of her friends and boarded with all the rest of the people.  Once we got out on the ocean, the boat cruising along at probably 40 mph, it got cold, of all things!  But I had a handy-dandy sweat shirt my cousin had packed!  While everybody else was looking at me saying, ‘that was a good idea’, I was warm and comfy.

I take that as a lesson learned.  I also know that Jesus, on two different occasions, gave the disciples different instructions when he sent them out to minister.  One time he told them to go and take nothing, the other time he told them what to take so they would be prepared.  My personality is to be prepared, especially after the impression my cousin made on me.  But I know God also has asked me to just ‘go’ when I’ve felt completely unprepared.  Yet he has always provied for me.  It’s good to have a Keeper.


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