Pink Panther

Okay, I have only one suitcase to my name.  Not the best for packing a years worth of stuff to a remote island in the middle of nowhere.  It’s small and I’ve had it since my Freshman year at college 1991.  It’s precious to me only because it has a little furry creature’s paw prints all over it.  I was painting one day when he jumped onto my pallet – instant pink panther prints!

pink panther

At the Lord’s leading, I gave my furry friend to a beautiful family God provided for him in January of 2008.  God was even preparing me then for this time of my life.  Whatever God asks for be willing to give it, joyfully.  It wasn’t the easiest thing to do of course, but our trust in God is the key to success.  It was a step of faith to give something away that had become so dear to me but how much more God has blessed me back since I obeyed him – a bountiful harvest – amen!


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