Certificates, Thank You’s and Messes

So many things to get in order and it’s almost July!  I have a feeling this whole experience is going to teach me how to fly by the seat of my pants!  I like to know exactly what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and then prepare for it.  Help me Jesus:)  My birth certificate came in a few weeks ago and my passport should be mailed to me within the next week.  Praise God.  One step at a time she said, just one step at a time…

ThANk yOu to those who have been praying for me and supporting me!  God is moving daily to bring this complete change in course direction to fruition and your prayers are no minor force.  His soothing touch is upon me emotionally and mentally – it’s wonderful.  There is no God like our God.

Internet access may not be as easy as I originally thought on Ebeye.  But I’ll leave that to God.  Only He knows what it means to my mother, hallelu!  All I know is thank God that no matter what my daily provisions may be on any given day, I receive a daily allowance to meet them, in full with a portion that runs over and kinda spills out onto other stuff and oft times splashes on other people, but that’s okay!  I like God’s messes:)

Oh, and don’t forget to check the blog links in the side bar.  We’ve got a lot of awesome women and men of God making fierce headway into the enemies camp, shaking ground and advancing the Kingdom of God in their own unique ways, with their own powerful anointings from God.  Many blessings!


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