Spaghetti and Answers

I got to meet with Dana last night before church (had some awesome spaghetti and sandwiches at Gibby’s:) and got some questions answered.  Phone calls can be as frequent as I choose even to the U.S. because we will have a phone in the room.  The fee is about $1.80/minute.  Internet access will be readily available on Ebeye and I can even have NTA install it in the house if I like.  She mentioned it’s one of the things they are wanting for the school.  We’ll see how God moves.

She gave a quick rundown of the class schedule and the grade I will probably end up having is the second graders.  The school runs from 8am to 4pm and each grade goes for half a day; except the fourth grade which is a full day.  We went over other things but I won’t bore you with the details – I’m a teacher, I like details.  I’ll spare you:)

God bless you and Praise be to God forever more!


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