I got my passport this past Monday.  It’s good to have that wrapped up.  I’ve been looking into a cheap way of making international phone calls and I think I’ve found it.  Skype offers free service to anywhere in the world where there is internet connection (this includes dial up 56K) and all I would need to purchase are the headsets.  I can get both for about $40 off Amazon.  A whole lot less than international phone rates.  Skype works much better and is clearer on broadband than on dialup but it’s still a decent option at this point.  The service is free to other Skype users so I would just need to make sure my mom downloads the software onto her computer.  And of course, get her the headphones.  The charges for ‘skype to cell’ or ‘skype to phone’ are pretty much the same as a regular phone call.  But from all I’ve heard so far, it’s the real deal.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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