What a week in God!  We had our annual Word Rally this past week and God was moving in fire.  We started at 7pm and finished each night no sooner than 10:30pm if I recall correctly…it was awesome!  As a result, my life is in little piles all across my bedroom.  That’s the way it gets during these conferences – I slept a good 4 hours this afternoon and it felt greeaaat.

I have lots and lots of stuff to organize and ship out to the islands before I leave myself.  I can’t begin to express my appreciation for those of you who have so liberally given into this purpose, both to me personally and to the kids who desperately need the opportunity to receive a solid education.  I love you and pray God’s exceeding abundance over your lives that you may receive your heart’s desires and reap a hundred-fold on your seed.

God is moving on me in ever deeper ways these past few days, I’m sure this intensity will only increase as the time grows nearer.  He is speaking many things to my heart concerning this region and placing His love in me for the people of the islands.  It’s such a beautiful expansion of my heart and I’m hardly able to describe the depth of it.

On a more practical note, I finally ordered three skirts and  some kind of pullover thing, which I thought would be great for those times when I’m lounging around in shorts and there’s a knock at my door – yikes!  I’m also very excited about all the divine connections God is making concerning His school and the kids.  There are some awesome people ready to do some extraordinary things but until I get down there and can speak with the directors of the school, I’ll hold off on the details.  Just some cool possibilities in the pipeline for God’s Ebeye Gem School.  Amen!


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