Change in Schedule

I’m getting everything packed up and ready.  It has been a busy week!  My flight has changed to Monday 6:15am.  That’s one less business day but I think I have everything in order.  Now it’s the challenge of getting everything I need into two suitcases and having them weigh less than fifty pounds:)  I should have my packing finished today and will go to the store once more to get additional supplies and food.  Since things are so much cheaper here than over there I’m trying to pack as much as possible.

I’m filling my ipod up with messages because the church services on Ebeye are all in Marshallese language.  Got to make sure I am more prepared in spirit than anything else because the natural will always fall in line if the spiritual is in line.  I’m curious to see what type of praise and worship songs they sing.  I’m going to miss singing on my church’s worship team!  But thanks to a little ipod recorder I have recorded lots of our worship team songs I can take them with me:)  Hopefully I will be able to record some services in the islands and post them to this blog.  Maybe my aspirations are a little high so we’ll see once I get there.  Four more days!


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