Discovering Ebeye


 Lenka and I headed out on Friday to Triple J, the island’s biggest supermarket if you will.  We didn’t know exactly where we were going but living on an island with people everywhere made it quite easy.  It was within a 15 minute walk.  The sun felt good.  Ah, no rush hour traffic, no crazy road rage people, it’s very laid back and relaxing.  For .75 cents, you can catch a street taxi to anywhere on the island.  It’s a small pickup truck which cruises along at 5 to 10 mph and people hop in and out along the way – after paying the taxi driver of course. 

 We snapped some shots of the school and our houses.  The island has such beauty about it while at the same time there’s something so forgotten.  Something that is evident everywhere you look.  Where the beauty is, there is also abandoned remnants of cargo equipment, heavy machinery and WWII memorabilia.  They are rusted and completely unusable; junk.  They twist out of their sand graves and up towards the sky like something living, but they are completely lifeless, forgotten.  A silent graveyard that screams so loudly against all the beauty. 

A View from Gem School's front porch

 School has not yet started so we have some extra time to find our bearings and learn about the locations of places we will need to utilize during our stay.  Pastor Hone and Grace (pronounced Gracie) have done so much to make living here comfortable.  They really work hard to take care of us and I am so humbled by that.  I’m looking forward to meeting my third grade kids but until then, I’m preparing my lesson plans.  The kids are so adorable!  Whenever they come around I make it a point to reach out and pinch theirs cheeks or pat their shoulders…they smile real big and get bashful.


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