Apparently, now is the summer season.  There are so many Marshallese that are saying how hot it is.  Thank God this is about as bad as it gets…because as I said before, I thought it would be worse.  The rains and the wind are coming sometime in September/October so they say.  And things will cool down.  That’s nice.  It’s about 86.6 degrees in my room with the a/c on.  But that’s pretty comfortable…outside it’s hotter but the winds blow from time to time so it’s bearable.  It’s that direct equator sun that can heat things up – and even give someone as pale as me a nice little tan in less than 6 days J  I believe it’s all in how you think about things and praying in the spirit.  Time with God is the key to success. 

 The food is interesting.  It’s some of the same foods as we have in the states but prepared differently and with different textures.  Fresh fish, chicken, rice and noodles.   The store has mostly American canned goods.  And most all of them expire within a few weeks.   The same products expire within years in the states. We have to watch the exp date closely.  If we take the ferry over to Kwajalein island there is a small American eatery there that sells hamburgers and stuff.  I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it is good.  I may need a big greasy burger soon to comfort my soul, lol.  There is a fresh fish market on the dock.  I haven’t been there yet.

 The island in some ways is like a small town.  Here I have to answer the door.  It’s almost like a pastor’s job.  There’s no end or beginning to it no matter how late it is; it’s not about my nap time.  Amen.  It’s a different lifestyle to get used to.  Always on call.  At the same time, it’s comforting.  It reminds me of simpler times where if you wanted to say hello, you would knock on your neighbor’s door instead of calling on the phone.  It takes about 1 minute to walk to church.  If church starts at 7:30, I can leave at 7:30 and make it on time.  Hehee…I find that amusing. 

 The helps ministry is…well I can’t even think of a word to describe it.  Anointed, that’s all I can say.  There are people everywhere in the ministry ready and willing to help with anything, anytime.  Lots of anointed helping hands blessing people everywhere they go.  Praise the Lord!


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