Ever learning and always gaining knowledge…


I found out some very important information today.  I was talking with Twyla (Mrs. Grace’s daughter and the kinder teacher) about dress codes for the island and I pointed out a woman who had a low cut shirt on, I said ‘her shirt comes down pretty far…’ and Twyla said ‘oh, she’s not saved or in church that’s why’.  Then we both laughed out loud ‘cause I was about ready to make my caseJ  Anyway, she said the Queen of Ebeye will chase after people like that woman if she sees them in the street wearing that kind of dress and tear their clothes.  I was like, What!?!  My God, I can’t imagine what I would do.  And there’s no where to hide on this island either.  Wake up, come out one morning with a cup of coffee and a shirt cut to low and suddenly, the Queen is coming after YOU.  Shew, better cast that anxiety down…

There are some palm branches hanging over our path way we use to walk to church and to get to town.  At the ends of the palm leaves, there are flies that hang there after dark.  It’s intriguing.  They just hang upside down at the tips of the leaves.  You have to be careful not to disturb them or you have a huge swarm of flies everywhere.  This morning as we were all working on cleaning the school and getting everything ready for tomorrow, I decided to go trim the branches back.  Have you ever tried to cut though a palm branch?  With a pair of plastic school scissors?  ANYWAY, as I was pruning, an older lady walked out of a house smiling real big at me and then stopped in her little walkway and stared, expressionless.  I followed the branch across and realized it was her palm tree I was cutting up!  So I smiled real big and said, “I’m giving it a haircut”.  (Jesus help me, in Jesus name…)  So she walked on.  I made a few more clips and went back inside.  On my way back to the church later that morning, I noticed the whole palm branch was trimmed back and the walkway was completely cleared.  She had cut them back for me.  The Marshallese are some of the most thoughtful people.  I am just now getting to know them and already they hold a very special place in my heart.


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