Little New York


New York is an island.  Ebeye is an island.  The similarities are a bit curious.  People never sleep on this island.  I’m still trying to figure out when they actually go to bed.  The taxies run all night from one end of the island to the other.  Of course Ebeye doesn’t have a Starbucks on every corner block…yet.  They party all night long sometimes.  Huge parties!  One night Lenka and I were out talking to one of the praise leaders and he pointed to a boat just off the shore from our house – it was launching out into the midnight blue and he said they were going fishing and they would return in the morning with a load of fish to cook and prepare for the next evening’s church fellowship. 

Wow what a party!  There were a dozen varieties of fresh fish (which the Marshallese cook and serve whole, head, eyes, teeth and fins) vegetables, rice and all manner of food.  The party started about 10:00 pm and didn’t end until 5:00am in the morning.  Good times on an island I call Little New YorkJ


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