A Little Pampering


 I went to the sauna today.  Actually I didn’t have to go anywhere…I had one right in my room:).  Somehow, the breaker blew out when we hooked up a little washing machine outside to do our clothes and the a/c went out around 12:30.  Shew…87 degrees, 90,92.8, all they way to 93.4 and I stopped looking.  I sweat out all kinds of impurities I’m certain.  Lol!!  I was listening to the word.  By the end of the message, the bright idea to hook the a/c up to the outlet on the side of the house that was working came to me…two hours and 10 degrees later… Praise God anyhow!  So it worked.  Then 5 minutes later, the electric guys came and fixed it.  I considered it a nice little sauna.  My skin is smooth and refreshed…glory.

 The washing machine was quite interesting and a nifty little thing.  It’s made of plastic with a powerful motor and it washed my clothes just fine.  We had to do the rinsing part.  Now that’s hard work!  But at least we didn’t have to do the washing part too.  Then we hung them out to dry.  Ah, our clothes smelled so good hanging out to dry.  But I won’t mislead, that was hard work.

 I had my first full day of classes today.  The kids are so smart!  And they really try so hard and it shows.  They are so cute.  I have one little one called Miko and she is precious.  They all are but she’s just the tiny one in the bunch so I watch out for her.  I really had them working too and they hung right in there.  We had some fun games because after all, they are third graders.  But Ms. Ashley doesn’t play when it comes to learning.  These young men and women work hard and God is rewarding them.   We’ve been working on not being afraid to speak out even if the answer that is given is wrong and they are responding favorably.  They will speak out and even come to the front of the room and participate, confident that even if they are wrong, they are in a learning, critical-free environment and they will get the correct answer to remember for next time.  That’s one of the main areas we work on with the Marshallese, confidence and self-esteem knowing that their God is with them and that they can do all things through Christ.  It’s awesome to see them growing and stretching and becoming all they can be in God.  Amen!


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