My Thrid Grade Class

I just wanted to show you some pictures of my kids!  I have a total of 17 third graders.  The new building is still not ready yet.  Construction on the fourth grade class room will be completed at the end of September.  Then I will move into my building which Trecie is now using for her fourth grade class.

Third Grade Class Third Grade Class2

Little Miko with an ice candy.  I’ve been teaching them that sugar is bad for their teeth – among other things.  But we have plenty of fun while we learn.


Taylor and Robby having fun in front of the camera.

Taylor and Robby

It’s getting late so I better wrap up.  We made it to Kwajalein today (ahhh, Subway sandwiches and pizza) so I have a ferry to catch at 8:00.  Best be on my way!


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