A Ship in the Lagoon


Last Saturday I noticed a huge ship anchored off the coast of the lagoon side.  It was dark gray and I assumed it was a U.S. Navy vessel.  But word gets around the island and I found out it was a ship with doctors that had come to the island.

The doctors are all volunteering their services and their time.  There were 2 medical doctors, two dentists and one eye doctor.  I was talking with one of the church deacons Monday night about it during a fellowship dinner.  He travels quite extensively and he said that no matter what the disaster, he has noticed that the U.S. was always the first to be there and offer aid.  And he noted how, when listening to the U.S. news, they rarely report good things that America takes part in.  I agreed.

Thursday night I got a phone call instructing us to take our third grade class to the medical center on Friday – the doctors were going to give our children medical exams.  Hallelujah!!  Praise God for His faithfulness and the willingness of the medical crew to volunteer their time and expertise.  All the third grade classes on the island could see the doctors on Friday.

When we got there Friday morning, people and children were everywhere.  Lines were backed up in front and in back of the center.  The children were priority so we did move through fairly quickly.  Mrs. Gracie asked me to ask the doctor if they would also see our fourth graders.  Dr. Grigsby. She was the medical doctor.  Very enthusiastic and ready to help.  She said to bring them right after lunch.  I knew Mrs. Gracie was out in the lobby walking and praying.  I gave her the news – our fourth graders are in! 

Most all of my kids got a clean bill of health.  Though the doctors instructed me to be sure and teach on physical fitness and diet.  I was ready having brought some instructional material from the states.  The dentist, Dr. Garza, pulled me aside and said they had just come from the Philippines.  In the villages, where the teachers were more proactive, the students had less cavities.  He said they had their students brush everyday while they were at school.  I told him we could do that.  

On our way home, all my kids had there ‘shades’ on from the eye doctor visit.  He gave them all sunglasses.  They were all walking down the street looking like cool cats.   God is so good…


One thought on “A Ship in the Lagoon

  1. Ash, I am so proud of you, and so excited for those kids! Remember to contact me when you are ready to do a drawing/letter exchange with some of my students. I love ya girl, and you and your kids are in my prayers always.


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