One Picked Out


On Saturday, around 7:30 in the morning, I went out to the coastline behind the construction of the new church building.  It was quiet and there were no people or children around.  It was a great place to spend time in prayer.   After awhile I heard some snorting around in the bushes and a big hairy pig popped out with her little pink piglet. The sight made me laugh. They snorted around along the coastline and then piggy’d on out of sight.  An hour or so later I still hadn’t seen a single person until this little figure came walking around the corner of the church.  I made a quick glance and it was a small boy, about 7 years old.  He came over and gave me a big smile then said something in Marshallese.  I said, Do you speak English?  But he did not.  So I pointed out over the ocean at a boat and said ‘boat’. He smiled and said ‘lon’ similar to ‘lawn’.  I said ‘Attom’, which was asking him what his name was in Marshallese.  He said, Colin. Then I drew some pictures in the sand with rocks, a broken off aluminum can and a dried bandana tree branch and he laughed.  He was a quiet one, and really just wanting to come sit near me, perhaps curious but not acting so much so.  I was thinking, God you’ve brought me someone, what would you like me to do Lord?  Always stay open, always listen because you never know.  I asked him about Jesus, God and praying but he couldn’t understand.  He also held his stomach like he had a belly ache.  About this time several children, one of them was my little Miko Rowa, came running across the open church building and were talking and flittering about, throwing things around and laughing. A stark contrast from my quiet visitor.  I proceeded back home and Colin tried speaking to me again in Marshallese without success.  But I prayed for him.  I thought to myself, God will be bringing him by again.

Pastor Hone's Birthday Party

(the glasses have chilled coconuts on them, the milk inside to be poured into the glass and enjoyed)

Monday night we celebrated Pastor Hone’s birthday.  What a good time – the Marshallese (at this church anyway) know how to throw a party.  Balloons and music and dancing, and food, food, food.  Little crabs, steak, chicken, hot dogs all bbq’d on the grill and tons of other things which I passed on…I’ve tried some things that I had no idea what they were.  I prefer to pass. Amen!  There were a few hundred people there with kids running everywhere.  My students would pick me out of the crowd (really, it’s not that hard to spot a green polka-dotted giraffe, or at least, that’s what it feels like being a white person on this island) and they’d run up and begin chatting.  I was busy with taking pictures and trying to make my way through the crowds of kids surrounding me when I turned to my right and noticed a familiar face.  It was Colin.  He had made his way over after hearing the party (because I don’t think his parents attend our church) and was mingling with the crowds.


(Colin is on the left – I’m unsure who the other kid is.)

I looked at him directly and said ‘Colin’.  He smiled and gave a wave.  I will be praying for this kid for sure.  God has a purpose.  We’ll see what unfolds in this precious life.  Amen!


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