The Rains are coming…

When rainfall comes it brings with it a refreshing that blankets this entire island.  Things can get hot, dusty and humid; there’s a point when everything just hangs waiting in anticipation of the rain.

There was a time, a week or so ago, where the main water supply plant that desalinates the ocean water for consumption had mechanical problems and went down.  It’s the only public water supply for the whole island.  They had no water for nearly seven days.  Of course there are stores that sell drinking water, but I’m talking water for showers and dishes and clothes and washing your hands and brushing your teeth…you know, what we Americans always take for granted.  Our water supply iat home and the school is not hooked up to the public system however.  Believe it or not, I shower, cook, wash and brush my teeth with rain water that is collected by plastic pipes that run along the roof of the school and our houses.  It empties into a big metal holding tank that looks a little like a dumpster back home would.  But it contains fresh rain water.  Of course we can’t drink it without boiling it.  The tank is used by six adults and four children.  But as long as it’s raining, the tank is replenished.  It hadn’t rained since we landed on Ebeye weeks prior and I’m unsure when the last rains had come. Mrs. Grace said when this happens, the Marshallese just pray and the rains come.

It forms in billowing clouds out over the sea and you can tell it’s raining by the gray haze that stretches from the clouds to the surface of the water.  You can smell it in the cooling of the air, the winds carry it while it’s still a ways off.  Did the rain ever pour!  For like two days straight.

I love it when it rains.  Everything cools down by several degrees.  We have a tin roof and the sound gets so loud I can’t even hear the drumming of the a/c which is right behind me in the kitchen.  It lulls me to sleep.  I thank Jesus every time I hear it.

But the island winter isn’t here yet.  The rains are coming.  These showers we’ve experienced so far this month are just a forward to the story.  A little introduction to what’s on its way.  Amen.


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