Cultural Day

***NTA is the island’s computer center.  They had several problems with their servers and a virus.  Sorry for the delay in posts!

We had our Marshallese Cultural Day today.  The King and the Queen’s daughter (the Queen couldn’t make it) came to our school.  The kids did several dances in celebration of the day and of course, we all ate.  It was all local foods – no chicken, steak or hot dogs.  But I found a few things to nibble on.  They had rice:)  Praise God.  Here are some pictures from the day.  I love this job!

Miko, Etra and Akiko

I spotted an unknown entity at the far corner of the stone wall.  I snapped a quick photo.

A Siting

It moved into the more populated areas of the masses, I took a picture and was relieved to see it was a…well…I’m still unsure what exactly it was but, at least it was pretty harmless.  ;)


Typical Marshallese attire.  Beautiful colors!

Beautiful Colors


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