Libraries and stuff…

I found out some good news today about our visitor that showed up during my prayer time; Colin.  Miss Cherold, my teacher’s aide knows who he is and his parents.  She knows where they live and is going to talk to Colin and see if he would like to learn English.  Praise God.  So we will see how God wants to work this out.

We have been diligently working on our library.  The kids love books!  I walked in one Saturday morning when the school was ‘supposed’ to be closed and found 3 kids piled in among the books and boxes and shelves; one was inside an empty box reading out loud, one rushed over with The Gingerbread Man, promptly showing his teacher how well he could read it, and one meandering about touching everything.  I had to laugh.

The new shelves.


Getting a much needed aesthetic makeover.


Almost done!


It won’t be long before students have their very own library to come check out books, study in, or read.  And the school is working on getting a computer put in the library so they can look up cool things like satellite pictures of the rings around Saturn, the skeleton of a Dodo bird or maybe a place far away called America.


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