The Weighing Apparatus

Pastor Hone and Mrs. Grace have a scale. 
I say this in the same fashion someone would end a story.  As if a five hundred page saga ends with that one sentence.  I weighed myself on this scale, the first time since I‘ve been on Ebeye.  I was at their house the other night and we were talking about food and how I’m trying to gain weight and they brought out this digital scale.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Pastor Hone got it as a birthday present.  It has handle bars, or something like that.  You give it your age and height and then weigh yourself.  It measures your weight, percentage of body fat, skeletal muscle condition and then has the gumption to ’correctly’ age your body according to the readings it’s taken.  It’s like a prophet in a little box.  I’m convinced it knows the hour that Jesus is coming back.  It stated that I was underweight by about ten pounds (nothing new there) and that I had the body of an eighteen year-old.  Nothing new there either.  He renews my youth like the eagles praise God!  
The Patricks are in the states this week dedicating a new Marshallese church in Arkansas.  This family and this church is on fire for the things of God and God has blessed them richly in their service to Him.  It’s amazing to watch Him work among in this ministry.


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