Business 101 on a teeny Island: Advertising is a waste of money.

Kina works at a grocery store called CP Store.  There are only a handful of stores on the island that actually advertise their businesses.  One of Mrs. Grace’s cousins owns a little shop on Oceanside and the only way to get to it is to leave the main road, walk through someone’s yard, squeeze between a truck and a bandanna tree into someone else’s backyard, then take a left and there’s a door with no sign, but a little piece of paper that reads O P E N.  I’m like, How could anyone ever find this place!?  Of course, growing up on an island makes it easy to know where everything is.  Living in a small town, you know when anything new shows up, even before it’s open for business.  I guess it’s the same way here.  So there are scores of stores I’m shore…oops…I mean ‘sure’…that are tucked away, happily servicing patrons while we foreigners (or Ribelle, pronounced ra-bel-lay, as they call us) meander by,  oblivious to their wares.
The CP store is excellent!  Reasonable prices, they give discounts to all pastors so obviously they are prospering in God’s blessings, and everything is clean.  We were happy.  It’s not as big as Triple J but it’s a great alternative.


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