Micronesian Missionaries

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and families back home!  May you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  We love you.

We had the privilege of hearing two English speaking missionaries from the states this past week.  Herb and Jan Schneider were here last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.  It was good to hear the word preached live in English.  Their ministry is based in Hawaii and they are called to all of Micronesia.  They are Word of Faith and very good teachers.  They know Pastor Philip and Pastor Callahan…made me not feel so far away after all:)

Here are some pictures from those evenings.

A crowd came forward after the word was preached to be ministered to.

The last two.

Herb and Jan Schneider.

The church sang a song to the Schneider’s at the end of their stay.  They were heading on toward Chuk, departing on Saturday.

Is that Mrs. Grace peeking to see if we recorded the beautifully sung Marshallese song? :)   Emman Mrs. Grace! ( which means good)

Ah, Trinity looooves Pastor Hone.  Look at her little expression – so cute!



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