Gospel Day

The Marshallese Celebrate a holiday called Gospel Day.  It is the celebration of the first missionaries coming to the islands and sharing with them the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ.  Gospel Day starts at 2:00 Sunday afternoon and finishes in the wee hours of the morning…say around 4:00 am.  Many of the dances and songs are in an ancient Marshallese language but from what I was able to glean, dramatic dances depict huge ships coming into the islands with missionaries aboard; the islanders ready to fight with sticks and spears; a realization that they needed knowledge; the gospel being shared; a way of life changed; understanding of love and learning to live at peace with one another.  Once I knew what the movements meant, I was able to follow along and it is a powerful story of their ancestors and the sharing of the gospel.

The man of God.  Pastor Hone is never without the anointing resting on him.

Here come da Youth!

What a celebration!  The Marshallese don’t take it lightly but they have plenty of good times during the 12+ hours of festivities.  There’s food, candy, gospel, singing, dancing and fellowship.  Then some much needed kiki:)  (sleep)


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