What’s Happenin’ in ‘Little New York’

Great news!  After a meeting was arranged between Colin’s parents and Mrs. Grace, I am now tutoring Colin everyday after public school lets out.  Praise God!  What God had planned is coming to pass.  Once I get Colin speaking good English, writing and reading, perhaps God will somehow get him into one of Ebeye Gem’s classes.  Public school is free and his parents don’t have the extra funds to pay for a better education.  Praise the Lord Mrs. Grace has allowed me to spend some time with him to teach him.  God will have His way.

We are practicing for the Christmas program with the kids.  Oh my goodness!!  It is going to be huge!  We have about 160 kids, Kinder thru Fourth Grade, learning Christmas songs in Slovakian, African, Marshallese and English.  Each song has movements to it.  Praise God!   The grace is available for everything He asks us to do…so along with Nyasha, Lenka and Twyla, we’re directing a concert choir and I can tell you, we are having a wonderful time!  Anything done in the anointing is awesome and these individuals I work with are dedicated, reliable and fully anointed.  When we step out on faith, God shows up in a big way.  You should see these dances…I wish I could download the actual video to this blog.  It’s going to be awesome!


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