Christmas Day Celebrations

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  from all of us here on Ebeye.

We have been in celebration mode for about 4 days.  The singing, dancing and music go well into the night and if they don’t finish with all the groups then everything is resumed the following day.  It’s a lot like Gospel Day except for this year, we had all the Christmas celebrations in the new church building (which is coming along wonderfully by the way – they received another donation which will take care of building the roof).  It rained throughout the day – it does that a lot during this season – but the dances kept going.  It got chilly at times when the wind would pick up after it rained so many people had on sweaters or jackets.  It felt great to me!

Lenka in her Christmas dress.  The women from the church made all of us, including Trinity, dresses out of the same material.

Ah, Christmastime on the islands.  Mrs. Grace bundled up watching the show.

Festive attire.

A show during the day.

Our Christmas halos!  Trecie popped some popcorn for the festivities.

Lenka’s performing a Marshallese dance with the youth group.  Go Lenka!

A night scene.


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