I took a short walk over to the other side of the island which is bordered by the Pacific Ocean.  This side of the island is quite beautiful (if you don’t look to closely) and I love to take taxi rides along this road which runs the entire length of the island.  The waves can get really big and they roll in over a fairly large area that only runs about four to five feet deep.  During low tide, you can walk (what seems to me) nearly 100 yards out into the ocean.  Though we don’t dare do that because of the sanitary conditions.  The children on the other hand dare to swim as far as the eye can see.

I found a quiet spot and had a seat on a dry rock (purposefully not scrutinizing the area around my feet) and the tide was just beginning to come in.  What a gorgeous day, and the blue expanse of the ocean and the sky is invigorating…a spacious place free from restriction.  The wind is incredibly high and never stops blowing into your face; it coated my sunglasses with speckles of salty water and nearly pushes the breath into your lungs (I’m not exaggerating).  It’s to bad those strong trade winds don’t make it farther over to Lagoon side.

My quiet time lasted about five minutes before I had the company of about 15 kids.  So they played; I watched the ocean; we talked a bit of English.  As the morning unfolded, high tide really started to sweep in and the kids got down into the water and played.  They play with all manner of objects: rusted cans, rotten floating lumber, corroded iron pipes and splintery boards.  As they played, I began noticing the area around me (which I told you I was purposefully trying to avoid noticing) and in doing so, promptly stood and moved back from the rocks when I saw some undesirable creepys crawling around near my feet.  I focused my attention again on the kids and the ocean which was truly breathtaking.

I stood in the sun, the wind blowing through my hair, the smell of warm salt water and the glistening of the sun across the ocean waves twinkling in my eyes.  He is faithful.  His grace upon me to do the impossible is evident – because truly with God, all things are possible.


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