Lagoon side

At the southernmost tip of the island is a place called Beach Park.  At this point is where the Pacific ocean and the Lagoon waters converge at high tide. When it’s low tide, the waters recede enough that you can walk southward on dry ground all the way to Kwajalein (if you walk really fast!)  Otherwise, when the tide begins to come back in, you’ll be swept away.  I’ll try and return one evening to get some pictures of low tide so you can see the two extremes.

Today the Lagoon was stunning!  We have been on break so I’ve been taking time to explore more parts of the island.  While school is in session, it gets incredibly busy.  Sure, there are times when I’m looking for something to do – but not often.

There’s always something to be done between teaching, church functions, ministering, preparing lessons, and my next goal of arranging a library of all the teacher’s curriculum from Kinder to Fourth grade.  I will probably arrange this in a section of our library, and organize it by subject.  This should help the teachers coming next year to know exactly where to go to get the resources they need.  I will get this done before we leave next summer!  Amen!

A half-submerged photo – this waterproof case is cool:)

This section of Ebeye is the only place that we can really get into the water and swim Though there is still trash that collects on shore, the beauty shines through.  Hopefully this week we will all get together and go swimming – I don’t venture out in the water when I am alone.  Hallelu.


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