Back to School 2010

Today was our first day of school and it was good.  The kids were refreshed from all the Christmas activities and eager to learn.  I took about forty minutes at the beginning of class to pray for each one individually.  They love prayer!  If Ms. Ashley forgets to pray over them and the noon time ‘bell’ is about to ring, one of them will come over and whisper, ‘prayer Ms. Ashley’.  Oh yes!  I say, then they all stop everything they are doing (about the only time they are all still at once) and they extend their hands upward and I pray a blessing over them complete with angels surrounding and protecting them.  Then they yell out ‘bye Ms. Ashley!’ with big smiles on their faces.  It’s so cute.

God has really demonstrated His power over all things in that class.  Twice now we have been in class and someone has started a trash fire in the lot behind the school.  There is also the dump that is really close to our campus and they burn off trash everyday.  The wind almost always blows from East to West, coming off that Pacific Ocean, and this takes the smoke out over the lagoon.  But the fire was in the lot behind us so there was a steady stream of black smoke trailing right through our classroom windows.  It’s horrible too; I mean they don’t just burn wood and paper.  They burn computer parts, batteries, plastic, metal, rubber electronics, Styrofoam; really nasty stuff!

So the first day this happened, I put up with it for about five minutes and then finally I said, ’everybody put your pencils down’.  I turned toward the windows and declared the smoke to blow away from our classroom – anywhere but through the classroom.  In about ten minutes, I looked out the window and said ’hey, did you notice there‘s no more smoke coming into the classroom?’  It was blowing towards the south. They were all a little amazed about it.  We took a moment to praise Him for it.  Here’s the interesting part, the smoke from the dump, at the end of the island was still blowing East to West.  :)  God is too awesome.
The second time it happened, I had the kids stand up and repeat the prayer with me.  And for the second time, the winds changed.  This time, they were beginning to catch on.  Prayer is powerful!
In two weeks, we will be wrapping up our second quarter.  This month we also have prayer every morning from 4am to 7am.  And for this week we will be having church every night.  Whew!  Hello 2010!!  In Jesus name, amen.


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