Moving Forward

I want to first thank everyone who has left comments on this blog page and on the online Guest Book.  I so appreciate the uplifting words for me personally from family and friends, and the wonderful insight and thoughtful words about my mother; how much fun you all had together in High School and how you felt towards her.  I’m glad we all got to share in her life. I had a strong and wonderful mother.

Moving forward, all the teachers and the teacher’s assistants got the opportunity a few weeks ago to visit the Elementary school which is located on Kwajalein. The Yokwe Yuk Women’s Club, which is located on Kwajalein, made all the arrangements. Since the beginning of Gem School, they have been supportive in many ways.  The school on Kwaj is run by the U.S. and the standards are very high.  It was such a great experience to get to talk with the principal, the teachers, and see all the different techniques that they used when teaching or dealing with behavior.  We got good online resources as well.  Everyone received abundant knowledge and we were privileged to be able to go.  It was only the second time the school has invited teachers from around the Marshall Islands to come to their classrooms.  We were the only ones from Ebeye. There was another small group from Roi Namur which is considered an outer island.  The teachers there have no running water, they bathe out of a bucket. We all got to eat at the Colonel’s home on Kwajalein – something I was told rarely happens.  Colonel Clarke was on one of the outer islands so we didn’t get to meet him.  We did meet his wife who was a wonderful hostess.  And the food was sooooo good.  I don’t remember the chefs’ names but we had bbq chicken tenderloins, lemon chicken, green salad with a tangy dressing, a yummy rice pilaf and buttery bread…(sigh, I miss food!)  Anyway, the whole front of the Colonel’s house had ocean view (the Pacific) and it was stunning, with windows stretching the full length of the house.  It was a refreshing day to spend with like-minded people, and good food along with it.

My class is learning how to tell time, multiplication and cursive writing this semester.  They love cursive writing!  ‘Slant your letters’ I tell them.  Slant. They’re quick learners though, amen!  And they find their way into your heart before you know it.  If I’m working with one of them, then another will inevitably say (with a pout I might add),“Ms. Ash-a-leeey, what about meee?”

With a smile, as my heart kind-of wells up, I endearingly say, “What about you Taylor?” and promptly turn my attention on him.  So much need, so few willing vessels that God has to choose from.  But His work in this earth will get done.  His kingdom will advance.  There is no stopping it.  Opposition, persecution, abasement; they cannot stand up to the only force that has been described as ‘never failing’.  Love is the force that never fails.


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