Word of the day: Appetite (also Appetizing)

I thought I would share my delectable dishes with you since it takes such a long time to come up with a new thing to satisfy my appetite.  Because I can fill up on noodles and rice but still be incredibly hungry for all kinds of foods.  This is due to the unavailable  Arby’s Philly Beef ‘n Swiss sub, Hardees’ Mushroom Swiss Burgers, Jimmy John’s incredible Country Sub sandwich…I’ll stop there because this entire blog could be filled with my fetish for food in never-ending, monotonous detail.  Ah, let’s not forget  homemade spaghetti and meatballs, Tuscan chicken (seared, set on fire with balsamic vinegar, add tomato sauce and a little fresh cilantro….I hear angels singing).  Anyway, cooking takes practice and I’ve certainly been out of that.

So, what does one do here to ease the appetite?  A typical day consists of a boring breakfast bar or cereal to start with, then for lunch the staple is soupy Roman Noodles with two hard boiled eggs (this is actually quite good) and then for supper I have some kind of boxed dinner like Tuna Helper.  Off days, I sometimes skip a meal because there is absolutely nothing that seems appetizing.  Saturday or Sunday mornings I’ll get motivated by my appetite and actually peel and slice potatoes and throw them into some hot butter to get crispy.  Scramble some eggs, add ketchup and I’m in heaven.  (But if anybody’s seen Bob E., send him over, we’ll make room somewhere).  Then sometimes, there’s a gem out of the rough.  Foods I would never think to put together in the States (and why should I, frozen dinners do it for me) and my appetite is finally fed.  Like mixing Stove Top stuffing, Creamy Noodles and Broccoli, and some chicken chunks from a can.  Wow, who would’ve known that would taste good?  Every now and then, Lenka will get hit with…something…and come out with some Slovakian Pot of Stew Slop (saying that really fast is fun) and it’s really quite good.  Her creations usually consist of cabbage, onions, potatoes a vast array of spices I’ve never dreamed of using in my life and with a prayer and some Slovak workmanship, she successfully pulls one off.  I seriously stand in awe at times.  “All that green stuff turned into this?”  And everyone that walks by the window or door will stop and ask where that wonderful smell is coming from.  “It’s Lenka’s Slovak chow” I say and laugh to myself at how dazed they look.  There’s something in the spices I’m sure of it…

Some of the time I eat from canned foods like beanie-weenies or Spagettios.  Bread is not the best here…chicken is okay so we do cook potatoes, onions, carrots and chicken.  Oh, and let’s not forget the instant mac’n’cheese.  Instant mashed potatoes are a great comfort food and they do have them here.

On the corner, across from the church, a new store just went in.  They sell coffee and ice cream.  Ice Cream!  Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus…in fact, I’m kinda feeling in the mood for some vanilla ice cream right now…what better time than now, while it is still called Today?  Amen.


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