Welcome Home Celebration

Pastor Hone and his wife Mrs. Grace have been gone since the middle of January.  They attended a Believer’s Conference in Texas and from there visited several Marshallese churches in the U.S.  They spent over 2 months ministering to the people and traveling between churches until they arrived home the end of March.  Here are some accounts of lives touched and miracles experienced:

Oklahoma: 30 people were saved.

Arkansas and Texas: 50 people saved and individually ministered to, 5 couples married. 15 water baptisms. 7 children dedications. One ordination for Pastor & deacons. One man had a damaged kidney.  Pastor Hone and Mrs. Grace prayed over him and the next day he went back to the doctor and they told him the kidney was functioning properly with no signs of damage.  Many people came to the meetings and some even drove from other states to come and receive from God.

Honolulu/Maui:  Pastor Hone was preaching when Mrs. Grace received a long distance phone call from Oklahoma;  it was a deacon’s wife who said her husband was in the hospital in the ICU.  He had plugs and hoses running in and out of him and she desperately requested prayer because he had stopped breathing on his own.  Mrs. Grace began to pray and the wife put the phone up to her husband’s ear.  As she prayed, the Spirit of God moved over this man and he began to breathe again.  Halleluiah!

These are some of the events that were translated from Marshallese into English for me that took place over the 2 months they were ministering in the states.  God is good.

The school is currently on Spring Break for this week.  We have a Missionary Retreat coming up this Saturday which we are all looking forward too.  A hotel room with hot water!! I’ll be sure to blog about meeting all the other missionaries from the outer islands and their experiences in the field.


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