Baptism in the Lagoon

Gem School had its first ever Baptism Ceremony last month.  Trecie’s Fourth grade class all decided individually that they wanted to be baptized to show their love and dedication to Jesus.  Trecie ministered to them about baptism, what it meant, and made certain each student was deciding for themselves that they wanted to take this important step in their Christian walk.  We had a wonderful time seaside, and a beautiful sunset was happening during the entire baptism of the children.  God is so good.

Trecie opening up the ceremony.

The students ministered Psalm 91 to the crowd, complete with interpretive movements…they memorized the entire psalm.  It was a blessing.

The program.

Fourth graders awaiting baptism.  The teacher’s assistant, Mrs. Morina (front left) also got baptized!

God never ceases to amaze me!  We are wrapping up the final few weeks of school.  I’ll have plenty more to post as we’ve got graduation ceremonies, Activity Day and the Spelling Bee 2010 yet to do.  I’m looking forward to blessing the kids.


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