A ‘Little’ Tribute to a Special Missionary

I wanted to take a moment to honor a special missionary.  Trinity Nyemba is a little over one year-old.  She is the daughter of Nyasha and Trecie Nyemba who are part of our Missionary Team this school year.  She has been a wonderful team member to work with!

Trinity always seems to bring joy whenever we need it, no matter if we are excruciatingly hot, bored, tired or otherwise.  She is such a blessing to us and to those that she interacts with including the children, the church members and the school parents.  Everyone wants to pinch her little cheeks, and none of us can look at her without a big smile forming on our faces.

It has been such a privilege to watch her grow up over the course of this year.  She came in a stroller, we saw her first steps, we heard her first words, we watched her grow taller and broader than some of the 2 and 3 year-olds!  It has been a blessing.

God has used her to bless and bring happiness, comfort and encouragement to all of us.  She fights the good fight, always coming out the winner.  Whenever any of us would start feeling sorry for ourselves Trinity would always bring us out of that – “look at how happy and victoriously this one year-old is living on this island”…then we’d say…we need to grow up!

So Trinity has sowed some awesome seed for the Lord in His Mission field and she’s barely able to talk yet.  God is going to use this young lady for His glory and she’s going to reap a wonderful harvest for her time here in the islands, reaching out, giving all she’s got and being an all-around blessing to everyone.  I’m excited to hear about all the things Trinity will do for her Lord in the years to come.  Amen!

2 thoughts on “A ‘Little’ Tribute to a Special Missionary

  1. Ashley,

    She is very precious!!! :-) Girl, you seem to be enjoying every moment of being there!! I bet it is much different from what I read than life at Bluegrass!! God’s blessings upon you, and everyone working!! Drop me a line sometime :-)

    1. Hey Steph! I will call or email you when I get back. We’ve got to hit one of those prophetic conferences this summer! :D

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