Home Sweet Home

Ah, I am so happy to be home.  This summer has been filled with friends, food, great conversation and relaxation.  I’ve stayed busy which is great but I’ve also had time to unwind and watch some great movies that I missed out on :)  Getting back into the flow of things has been unusual but not necessarily overwhelming; though I must admit the first week was definitely an adjustment.  The grace of God is so powerful,  helping us do all things.  And when I reflect on the past year I can see just how mightily God can and will move on our behalf if we only believe and trust in Him.  This adventure with God has changed the course of my life.

Got a chance to go to a July 4th festival in downtown Lexington with a friend and it was great to see the variety of food and wares.  There aren’t too many places you can go to get a selection of frog legs, funnel cakes, shrimp, catfish and…is that…Gator Tail??? Anyway, I can’t begin to explain how refreshing it is to be back in America…when the customs officer in Hawaii said “Welcome home”  I teared up!

Our team for next year is coming together and I look forward to what God has in store for this next school year.  For right now though, I’m quite happy eating, being with friends and just being home.

Well, time to get ready…I’ve got pizza, cousins and Despicable Me movies lined up for an awesome night on the town!

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