My Kids!

They make it all worth it.  When I saw all their smiling, happy faces greeting us and wanting us to come play, take pictures and give them hugs I felt a peace; they are  the reason I’m here.  It’s wonderful.

Anna, Titus and a friend hanging out on the steps in front of my house.

Jon getting a little exercise.

My girls, Anna, Harvest and Faith.  You can’t see it, but they are standing on the top of an upside-down boat, flying a kite.

The Majuro ship docked at night unloading supplies to Ebeye.

Awww, little Moia:)  She is sooooo cute!

They’ve been knocking on our door everyday…mainly to see Laura and her ‘cool hair’ :)  Too cute.  School starts soon and we’ll all be reading, writing and doing our homework.  And hopefully, changing a few lives for the better.

The Twelve Hour Year: 6 O’clock AM

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep.

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

Robert Frost (excerpt) Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

It’s now 6 a.m. and I have about 12 hours to complete what God has sent for me to do.  At 9 a.m. I will check in with you again to let you know  what God is speaking to me…then…in 3 hours.  Until then, settle in and enjoy the pictures and stories to come.

This is going to be a wonderful season.  And I’m happy to take you along with me:)

Reaching Out

Earlier this year a friend of mine, Ashley Waddell had it on her heart to start a small ministry for the kids in her neighborhood.  So she, along with several other friends, began inviting the kids on her street to her house every Sunday afternoon and sharing the love of God with them.  I got in on it when I returned this summer from the islands and it has truly been a blessing.  We usually have ice cream or food to share, along with games and a ministry time.  The main goal is just to show the kids we love them and let them know that God loves them too.

This past Sunday was special because we were preparing backpacks full of school supplies to give out free  to the kids before the start of school.  We handed out over 40 supply packs to the children.

Ashley located the district’s supply lists for each grade and God supplied EVERYTHING!  We just made sure the word got out and people started to donate: UK Healthcare backpacks for each of the children, paper, folders, binders, glue, pencils, sharpeners, candy(extra!), rulers, erasers, etc.  Due to the response from people like YOU we were able to supply their need.

Everyone eating pizza, donated from Pizza Hut.

The kids gathered around to hear PJ as she talked about a special friend, Jesus, who is always with them and ready to help them with everything, including school :)

Taking a peek…

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and/or came by to help in the fun; we really can make a difference in people’s lives by  shining the light of Jesus and just Reaching Out.  As Marie put  it so simply, “Today we’re being the church”.

Ashley and Jeremiah.

It’s all about His love flowing through us and into the lives of others.  Whether people are in need, or are well-off…we are called to walk in love towards them, regardless of where they are in life.

When we reach out, God’s grace is there to meet us.  He works the desire in our hearts then He gives us the ability to complete that vision.  And this vision travels through our neighborhoods, far and wide, rooted in consistency and dedication, spanning continents and oceans.  We as individuals can do our part, but we can’t do it alone.

We need the five-fold ministry to raise up the body of Christ.  But in this hour, it won’t be enough to just have pastors, prophets, evangelists, apostles and teachers doing all the work. It’s going to take more than just a few men and women to get the job done that God has for us.  It’s going to take the whole body flowing together with one heart and one mind…

And that takes unity.