Snow in June

It has been raining here…and raining…….a lot.  Considering it’s the islands’ summer season, the rain has been extraordinarily heavy.  Since we touched down over two weeks ago, it has rained nearly every day.  When I ask the locals about it, they say it is not usual to have this much rain.  This is typically what happens in the middle of their ‘winter’ as it were, when the temperatures drop way down to 80 degrees…brrr…anyway, I guess we are experiencing what we call in the states “snow coming down in June”.

The seasonal winds haven’t even started blowing through yet…I’m very curious to see what happens come November…

School has officially started and we are blazing a trail.  Laura and Jonathan are doing a great job with the cultural adjustment – to be around positive, Spirit-filled individuals who are on fire for God is such a blessing.  This team is going to do awesome things this year!  I thank God for His blessing on us and this school.  We couldn’t do any of this without His grace.

I got reception on a food channel today!  I watched Emril chop-chop some onions and peppers with sausage for a zucchini stuffing, got to smoke, bbq and dry rub pork ribs, shoulders and whole pigs at the national pig roast competition; pretty much having a good time wishing I was one of the judges!!  Haha!

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