Full Days

They have completed construction of the fifth grade classroom.  We will now be able to have fourth and fifth grade run until 2:30.  One of the issues facing all school systems on Ebeye is the amount of room verses the amount of children in need of attending school.  Of the 16,000 or so people on Ebeye, roughly half are children.  It makes it nearly impossible to school them all.  Many do not attend school or drop out before completing even elementary grades.  There is a huge dilapidated structure on Oceanside that at present is crumbled concrete with graffiti décor, but is under construction to be turned into a school.

We were blessed this year to have English books provided to each child that they can write in and keep as their own.  They love them!  At first, it was hard to get the kids to understand that they could, in fact, write IN their book.  Haha, they are blessed.  We had to photocopy all their papers in years past.  We have teacher’s manuals and test books as well which is a great help to the teachers.

It is still raining…I love it.  I snapped a rainstorm blowing up from the South.  It cools everything down and is a comfort knowing we’ll have plenty of water for laundry, showers and all those extras.  The water is not drinkable.  We either have to buy it or transport it from Kwaj in a container.  We use empty, plastic paint containers that can hold 5 gallons.  Yes, they are thoroughly cleaned :)

More beautiful island flowers.

I bought a ripe, juicy tomato from Kwaj and made an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich with it…soooo gooooood!  The tomatoes on Ebeye are not the same.  It’s hard to understand how the food can be so different when it’s only a 20 minute ferry ride between the two islands.  I understand Kwaj is American run but still, why can’t food shipped from Majuro be as good?  It’s only about a days journey between here and Majuro.  I think a lot of things could definitely change on Ebeye…it’s just a matter of who cares enough to change it.


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