Marshallese Cultural Day 2010

We had a great celebration yesterday for the Marshallese Cultural Day.  It was different this year.  Instead of just having the kids sit and listen to adults give speeches about the good ‘ole days, they actually got to participate and learn some things about their history and ancestors.  I loved it.  Anything you can turn into a teaching session to expand knowledge is far better in my opinion.

So, we made baskets, toys, balls, plates, mats, sang songs, danced and just had an immersive and fun time learning about the Marshallese culture.  The local food abounded, which Cherold made me eat some…she wasn’t even for sure what it was! We even made some lollipops; coconut lollipops that is.  Take a look.

First they shave the coconut then the cook it with some water and sugar over a fire.  It gets bubbly and thick and then it’s removed to cool flat on a sheet pan.  Next, the candy is rolled into little balls and finished with a nice wrap and a ribbon.  They tasted like root beer soda, except much more creamy and gooey :)

A lady showing the art of making baskets out of bandana tree leaves.  Amazing to watch.  And excellent craftsmanship.  Check out the detail…

Jon getting ‘crafty’ and making a plate of his own.

The rain held off until it was over.  And then it poured!  We had a great day and the kids got to sing songs and dance for everyone.  They did an awesome job.

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