Vision 2011

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year in God.  I am excited about all that God is doing in my life and the lives of others. I had an interesting thought the other day…I saw the number 2011 and the ’11’ turned into 2 people, smiling, shaking hands and walking off into the future arm-in-arm laughing.  I believe this is going to be a year of business partnerships, relationships and beneficial connections.  Sometimes you can just know something; for me, this is one of those times.


I had the opportunity to minister to the people at church last night.  To bring in the new year, the church has services every night for the first week of January.  God did some very powerful things in our hearts last night.  It was a message of encouragement and hope that God’s promise to be faithful to us and to grant us the desires of our heart will not fail.

Next week begins the all-night intercessory prayer.  It’s a wonderful time in January where the church is open all night for people to come and go as they please to pray, worship God and show our gratitude for His goodness.  There are usually no lights; last year there was a small string of Christmas lights at the front around the communion table and it lent a peaceful and joyful atmosphere to the gathering in those wee hours of the morning.  Sometimes, as the piano plays softly, the Marshallese begin to sing a harmonious melody while praying…it’s really a beautiful experience.  I’m looking forward to it again this year.

Two more weeks and we will be closing the 2nd quarter of school.  Only good things in store for the rest of this school year!


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