Little Ocean Wonders

This curious little lady got stuck in a coral pool when the tide receded.  I dipped my camera down into her little hiding place and she couldn’t quite decide if I was friendly or perhaps hungry :) She’ll be alright though – the tide was coming back in as I was filming.


2 thoughts on “Little Ocean Wonders

  1. I MISS YOU MISS YOU MISS YOU! I love reading your blogs. I can hear your voice when I read them. I can’t wait till you are back and I can sit next to you at a table and hear your delight over the food we are eating!

  2. Charity! You are such a blessing! Thank you so much:) Stay tuned because the Annual Food Post is coming very soon…shew, I am ready to throw down some tender Alaskan King Crab with warm butter sauce and cheesy-cheddar biscuits. Now that’s just good preachin’ :)

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