Here Comes the Ocean

The ocean decided to make her way over the flood wall, past our doorstep and beyond to flood the campus.  I’ve never seen it rise so high and roll so far inland.  When I mentioned it to Noble, he said the same thing.  It was about 2-3 inches deep in places and around 25 yards onto our campus.  The school’s boat looks like it could float right up to the door.

It made for an interesting picture though :)

Some updates: Memorial Day went great and the kids had lots of fun.  It was hot and sunny so all of us got quite the burn.  Laura and Jon both ran in the adult teacher’s race and Laura won 3rd place!  She got some pretty good mullah for that too.  Way to go Laura!

We are busy prepping for Educational Week next week.  Spelling B’s, parades, games at Beach Park and we will be dedicating one of our morning assemblies to a creative game of life-size ‘educational concentration’.  Our school was chosen to lead the morning festivities at the Ebeye gym where all the schools on the island will be convening.  We are going to do a banner dance and sing For God So Loved the World.

I’ll be in touch…wrapping up February and heading into March…only good things in store!

Chocolaty Creamy Goodness

It was hot.  Our electricity was out and the temperature in my room was a stifling 89.8 degrees.  I had purposefully exited at around 86.4 because anything beyond that is a hazard to my emotional health.

Sitting comfortably on the couch in the library, I opened all the doors and windows to the school allowing the breeze to blow where it may.  Wasn’t much of a breeze. But I had my handy battery-operated fan and it was doing the trick.  I opened the pages of my Bonhoeffer book and feeling content, lost myself in the story for awhile.

Then it came to me…the cold, rich and creamy goodness of that chocolaty confection known as Dean’s Chocolate Milk.  I remembered.  I had left a half-quart of it on the door of the refrigerator the night before I departed for the islands.  I stared at it thinking, I should drink all of this. It will be my last for 10 months… but I could not drink another drop – it was eleven o’clock in the evening and I had already filled my belly to sheer fullness-of-joy.

Now I’m remembering it.  Like that long, haunting melody I Am Calling You, from the quirky film Bagdad Cafe…its a-calling…

I wonder if my friend Amy drank it, or tossed it out?  Dairy products are one item scarcely found on an island. It’s way too hot and too far to travel by boat that the whole delicate freshness of it is not lost somewhere after day 3 of transit.  But I miss it the most it seems.

I looked up over the rim of my book and glanced through the glass blinds to the lagoon.  I imagined what I would be doing if I were still in my old life, before God broke in and stole me away to this marvelous island and its people.  I’d be doing the boring, meticulous daily routines of that deadline oriented, high-stress job.   Here, I may be hot, hungry (only in appetite), and without certain comforts of my American Heritage, but I’m free.

So free.

I can think, move and breathe within myself with ease and joy.  It’s truly indescribable.

And I will be all the more enriched, happy and full from my experiences here when I return home.  Content knowing that just around the corner there’s pizza available, departments stores waiting and of course, Dean’s Chocolate Milk ready to be twisted open and gulped down; one chocolaty, creaming goodness at a time.  And next time, they’ll be no half-quarts left on the door of the fridge.

That is, until God calls again…


Where has January gone?  It snuck by me in a flurry of after-holidays-acclamations, tests, report cards and parent conferences. February is teeming up to be a quite busy month.  We have Kwajalein Memorial Day week next week in which the kids will be racing at Beach Park and conferences will take place on Wednesday.  We have a PTA meeting tomorrow night about all the particulars of the daily routines.  And Jon is helping to make the float for the parade.

At the end of February is Education Week and an island-wide spelling-b for the kids.  Last year they were not able to put the event together and so Education Week entailed one outdoors meeting in the afternoon and it was over.  So we will also be busily planning for activities that week.  I’m sure I am about  to turn my head and it will be March.

The rains are back and consistent. I love it, really, because rain affords us showers and the convenience of faucet water.  Praise God for the rain!  Not to mention it conceals that burning equator sun.

Time for sleep.  We’ve got a big day tomorrow planning for the week and keeping our regular class schedules.  I’ll let you know how everything goes!

The young fellow on the right caught himself an octopus. As he was passing by, I asked for a quick snapshot, totally amazed at what I was seeing.