Where has January gone?  It snuck by me in a flurry of after-holidays-acclamations, tests, report cards and parent conferences. February is teeming up to be a quite busy month.  We have Kwajalein Memorial Day week next week in which the kids will be racing at Beach Park and conferences will take place on Wednesday.  We have a PTA meeting tomorrow night about all the particulars of the daily routines.  And Jon is helping to make the float for the parade.

At the end of February is Education Week and an island-wide spelling-b for the kids.  Last year they were not able to put the event together and so Education Week entailed one outdoors meeting in the afternoon and it was over.  So we will also be busily planning for activities that week.  I’m sure I am about  to turn my head and it will be March.

The rains are back and consistent. I love it, really, because rain affords us showers and the convenience of faucet water.  Praise God for the rain!  Not to mention it conceals that burning equator sun.

Time for sleep.  We’ve got a big day tomorrow planning for the week and keeping our regular class schedules.  I’ll let you know how everything goes!

The young fellow on the right caught himself an octopus. As he was passing by, I asked for a quick snapshot, totally amazed at what I was seeing.

3 thoughts on “February!

    1. Hey Winn, all is well here in the islands. I will be returning home this summer. Hope life is treating you good in the North East. I hear it’s been quite a winter in the States. All my best to you –

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