Here Comes the Ocean

The ocean decided to make her way over the flood wall, past our doorstep and beyond to flood the campus.  I’ve never seen it rise so high and roll so far inland.  When I mentioned it to Noble, he said the same thing.  It was about 2-3 inches deep in places and around 25 yards onto our campus.  The school’s boat looks like it could float right up to the door.

It made for an interesting picture though :)

Some updates: Memorial Day went great and the kids had lots of fun.  It was hot and sunny so all of us got quite the burn.  Laura and Jon both ran in the adult teacher’s race and Laura won 3rd place!  She got some pretty good mullah for that too.  Way to go Laura!

We are busy prepping for Educational Week next week.  Spelling B’s, parades, games at Beach Park and we will be dedicating one of our morning assemblies to a creative game of life-size ‘educational concentration’.  Our school was chosen to lead the morning festivities at the Ebeye gym where all the schools on the island will be convening.  We are going to do a banner dance and sing For God So Loved the World.

I’ll be in touch…wrapping up February and heading into March…only good things in store!

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