Putting On The Roof

The church which the school is associated with (B&J Church) is building a new church on the school campus grounds.  I’ve seen it rise these past 20 months and things are going good.

One problem with undergoing construction of anything here is the issue of supply.  That really is true for anything an island nation needs – it all has to be shipped in which in turn, can delay things.  Currently, they are waiting on bolts to be made on Majuro – apparently these are backordered.

These huge wooden trusses will be lifted into place once they are all constructed and then the roof will be laid.  Until then, they are protecting them against the elements until they can be put in place and the church completed. Under the platform is a 100 gallon water catchment to be used for future school operations on the campus.  There are trailers for the teachers next year which have been purchased but not yet brought to Ebeye. Once here, they will be situated at the end of the church next to the catchment, and consequently, right on the lagoon.  It’s a good location.

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