About The Call

“Hey Ashley, this may seem kind of out of the blue….but did you ever think about coming here?”

I received this email from a friend of mine on March 13th 2009.  The irony is that it indeed did come from ‘out of the blue’… from a teeny-tiny island called Ebeye that sits on top of the equator and is surrounded by the vast pacific ocean.

I stared at it for a moment (I could smell the salt water in the air).  I’d thought about it.  I’d kept up with my friend Dana’s blog about her, Amy and Belinda being missionaries there at a school called Ebeye Gem School.  I thought, that would be so awesome…but really, thinking about it as opposed to actually allowing God to uproot me from all I’ve ever known for the past 12 years was not on my mind.  Until a turn of events happened.

It’s amazing how precise a door can close that you’ve been accessing for years.  In the course of the very same day God made it clear to me that the end of this season of my life was drawing near.  I immediately  began pressing in with prayer for an answer to such a mysterious email…”this may seem kind of out of the blue,but… did you ever think about…..?”

Within only weeks, I received more confirmations from God than I can even remember at this point.  And by April, I had wrestled with the fear, the anxiety, the inability to see down that road, the loss of comfort and the unavoidable cost of giving up everything so that God could take over my life.  Trust won the victory and I would no longer allow my heart to be troubled.

I began to get things in order…I was going to Ebeye.



3 thoughts on “About The Call

  1. Dear Pastor

    Greetings from Pakistan.

    http://www.cmmpak.webs.com/ http://www.ccepakistan.webs.com

    I am Rev Ayub M Sagar from Pakistan, I have seen you work on Linked In.

    We are a small and self-support ministries in Pakistan from 1999 to still.

    I would like to do humbly request to you that we need your prayers, fellowship for reaching to peoples of Pakistan. I will be grateful to you. God bless you.

    In Jesus

    Rev Ayub M Sagar
    F/President & Director

  2. Best blog I’ve seen on WordPress about Kwajish area. I lived there for 14 years and graduated in 2006. My blog is still brand new but you’ll be able to read some stories I have. Keep blogging, I miss home!

    1. bleeblu, glad this blog can serve as a window for you. It’s a whole different life here in the islands and I enjoy getting comments from people who have lived here. Truly unique. Signed up on your rss ~ looking forward to following.

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