Bigej Island

How to have fun on a deserted island 101

Back in January, the school administration and teachers hopped on the Majuro boat and headed for the island of Bigej.  It is about 40 minutes North of Ebeye and is an absolutely beautiful island.  On the way there, we have to cross a stretch of the Pacific Ocean and when we hit those waves in that boat I was like, “OhhMyyGoodd!!” It was crazy I’m just telling you!  Sometimes we’d go straight up and then free fall back into the dip of the next wave.  Praise God anyhow!

Bigej has clean, clear water and is deserted for the most part.  There were thirty-seven of us that went and had what the Marshallese called a picnic.  But it was far more than a picnic to me (and Lenka I might add – she is like a big kid!)  Anyway, who am I to talk?  I spent most of my time in the water, throwing kids into waves, testing goggle suction, daintily picking up little crabs and then letting out a high-pitched squeak when they darted out of their shells, building sandcastles with the kids and unbeknownst to me, getting really, really red!

Jonathan doing his ninja moves.

Anna posing for a shot.

A half submerged shot.  The coral reefs came right up to the surface of the water and even out in some parts.  We had to be careful swimming because it is no fun hitting those corals with your knees or feet.  They cut like glass.

Marianne doing some barbecuing.

Faith and me.

This was our little Jungle Mat.

Lenka, meanwhile, is trekking through the jungle to the other side of the island, playing with kids, filming mini documentaries about how shells and sand form islands with her new video camera toy, climbing to the upper deck of the boat and jumping off into the ocean with Mrs. Atina, Cherold and Dolly; basically having herself a good ole time.

Go Lenkaaaaaa!

Atina the Fearless!

The teachers’ aides were very entertaining – the Marshallese really know how to have fun.  Atina had me laughing at one point when she came thundering down the sand towards Mrs. Marianne who was daintily making her way into the water in her own, sweet time and BAM! tackled her from behind and they both fell over headfirst into the water…I wish I’d gotten it on video :)

We had a great day of fellowship.  The weather was perfect, the water warm, the food tasty and the company exceptional.  God is good to me.  For all the beautiful things over the past five years that have come into my life, for the things which He has asked for that I gave, for all the sacrifices made, He fills me up with more of His love, His joy and His grace.

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